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Status: Unspecified
Please bring Minecraft to the Quest platform. Minecraft and Tetris are the most sold games in the world. There is a lot of money to be made by doing this! Hopefully a deal can be made and we can all enjoy a blocky VR world! 🙂
Level 2

i know you are right there is a lot of money to be made 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi wyattaiden,


Thanks for sharing your idea. While we haven't announced Minecraft coming to Quest, if you do some searching online you can find how to get the Java edition of Minecraft working with your Quest by by using either Link or Air Link if you have a VR ready PC. 

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Do tego trzeba mieć wolne miejsce na komputerze,  a poza tym wtedy nikt nie może korzystać z komputera.

A można uruchomić wersję z innego vr na oculus quest 2? Nie mogę się doczekać na Minecraft. Szkoda, że wcześniej nie wiedziałam że nie ma tu Minecraft, wtedy kupiła bym inne gogle.