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Status: New Idea

I'm a huge Beat Saber addict. I've been playing it every day, for about 2 hrs a day, since I bought the quest2 in Feb 2021.  Please add in more Music ( I'd love some 80s hair or metal like Metallica, Van Halen, Prince..  ANYTHING with lots of synthesizers & a good Beat!) I know people just go and mod theirs.. but I'm not very techy & fail every time I try to mod it. Please add more music more frequently! It just gets so boring with the same songs over & over. If it's too expensive with copyrights & such, maybe consider buying the rights to some of the model songs if that's even possible? 

Please! I'm desperate for new music here lol 

Thinking of starting a Beat Saber Addicts Annon group soon.....

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Honored Guest

100% agree more music is needed, can see why people are resorting to downgrading and adding mods.


Would be great, even a way to purchase songs via amazon or similar platforms. To then easily add/play/use them.