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Hi there I have physical disability where I have very little use of my hands and fingers. I have found that if I unpair the controller the pointer is replaced by a dot which follows my gaze. I can point the dot with my head at a video to open but there is no way to click it without the controller. It would be great if there was a way to disable the pointer on the controller so that I can use my gaze to point at something and just use the clicker to select and play a video or use voice control to select , play, stop and go back or a dwell select feature. That could be assigned to the pointer for my gaze. It wouldn't mean that a handicap person could have more flexibility in customizing the controls for their . I use this strategy on my iPhone. I combine voice control with my limited hand control. On an oculus I could combine my head control with voice control and a limited clicker. Perhaps a USB mouse. This type of VR technology could extend people with disabilities experience of the world they can go longer easily be part of. Such as go for walk in a virtual forest:)