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Level 4
Status: Started
I wish we had more guardian options, e.g. opacity level, only the line/border on the floor (without the surrounding grid), distance threshold/tolerance settings for grid/border activation and a radius setting for the stationary circle (its a little bit too narrow by default). My play space is big enough to move a few steps in every direction, but when swinging in beat saber or point my arms forward in space pirate Trainer the guardian comes up to eagerly. Thanks for consideration! You guys rock btw πŸ™‚
Level 2
When I sketch a new Guardian, I often make the mistake and take a little bit too much of the room. It would be nice, to have a second button (the "middlefinger-trigger"?), where I can take back some parts of the new guardian. Instead I always have to cancel the process and paint a new one.
Level 4
A ceiling warning as well for light fixtures would be great.
Level 2
I have to keep resetting the floor height for Creed boxing and often the entire guardian, but sometimes it remembers. I looked in the settings to set floor height but it still seems to need to be reset.
Level 2
ceiling height, please. And a way to trace ceiling fans and light fixtures. So basically im also asking for a way to customize the height or depth of selected objects.
Level 4
I have kids and a dog I have hit all of them on accident. If I could get guardian to detect moving objects or new objects or at least people that would be great. Setting a maximum on the height would be good too like input your height and holding the controller to the maximum. When Oculus home starts have multiple users that stores their own data like guardians. Browser info saved games etc. Lots of rooms have ceiling fans. And I flagged the original post on accident and there doesn't seem to be a way to unglag it.
Level 2
I'd really like an option to have the border outline of the guardian permanently shown on the floor similar to how The Thrill of the Fight and Ninja Legends do it. This would allow more peace of mind and the ability to quickly and easily correct yourself before you reach the edges of your play space.
Level 3
I'd really like to be able to increase the radius of the stationary circle (that, or be allowed to disable it entirely for stationary experiences). The boundary comes up way too easily while I'm staying in my seat, even leaning back sometimes sticks my head through the boundary. I don't want to change the sensitivity because it's fine the way it is for when I go roomscale.
Level 5
I always find myself worried about where my walls would be. I'd like to know it without actually needing to get close to one. Simply add an optional, always visible, center marker to the ground. Thanks.
Level 4
As a furniture puncher I would like to configure my guardian in a way that pass through pops up if one of my CONTROLLERS leaves the safety zone. I punched already behind my guardian in a furniture, hoping that there is nothing. Currently pass through only pops up if my HEAD leaves the safety zone.
Level 2
Nothing mentionned in the build 7.0 is that great of a solution, really. We need a way to have a floor guardian only, and a way to have it permanently displayed. Exactly like the one we have when we're in the Quest Home.