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Status: New Idea
Now that we want to encourage the use of VR headsets to work with them, I would like to ask that Meta expand support for keyboards and mice compatible with Horizon Workrooms. I recently acquired a Logitech Peeble 2 combo, which through Bluetooth works on Quest2 and Quest3, can be used in the Browser, YouTube, Instagram, Whatsapp... even used through Virtual Desktop to manage the computer remotely. But sadly, it's not compatible with Horizon Workrooms, where I would have liked to see it work to take advantage of multiple virtual remote desktop functionality (things that other apps, like Virtual Desktop, still don't have as a feature). It is limited to the list of compatible keyboards, which are trackable, but...
Why not open it to all Bluetooth headset compatible keyboards and mice? Now that it is feasible to have mixed reality in color to see your own keyboard and mouse, without the need to track (except the one you want), and to encourage the use of the Quest platform to work remotely on a PC.
In addition, it could be extended to the Remote application, or added to Workrooms so that the Navigator can also function as another virtual sale. It would also be relevant if the windows allowed more customization adjustments in terms of positioning or size, or even aspect ratio.