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Level 2
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Hello, My prefered way to make game purchases is via physical gift cards (scratch cards) that I buy at various stores to add funds to a virtual wallet that most virtual stores offer. So far I have been able to make use of google play cards, steam gift cards, blizzard gift cards, playstation network cards. And I know other stores that also offer this type of payment. I have nor want a credit card or to make a paypal account as they come with unwanted costs. Payment methods should be plentiful and convenient. The oculus store is the only one that does not offer a payment method that I can make use of. So would you kindly add more?
Level 2
Some Gamers like me, wont give creditcard information to IT Services. Remember Sonys service hijacking with stolen customer credit informations. So Please add this Feature/Support. I Payed 100% of my games on Steam with giftcards. Thank in advanced.
Level 3
Oculus doesn't have to handle your credit card information if you want to use PayPal. If you have an issue with PayPal handling your information, or just using credit cards in general...well...I don't know what to tell you. That's not Oculus' problem.
Level 4
In some aspect, I agree with you. What I like to do is at store, purchase a regular visa gift/debit card to buy online games.
Level 3
It would also just be great to have gift cards so we could buy them to give as gifts.
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we need gift cards as a form of payment, there is nothing more to it really. to gift of for self purchase. makes sense don't you think. common people, make this happen already....
Level 2
I can't purchase anything because I can't add any payment methods on my Oculus account. I am entering the correct information, but it doesn't work. And adding paypal doesn't work either.
Level 2
I'm 53 and a mom. I don't want to have to make an account to purchase (when I don’t want or need an account and could just easily pay with Paypal or a credit card without having to login or have an account) to give an oculus game/gift for someone, and two, it’s even more dumb for Oculus not offer gift codes or cards for people to gift. I’m fairly confident People would buy off Amazon and your site, etc if Oculus didn’t make it so difficult. I’ll just buy a Steam gift card or go another route. I honestly think Oculus needs to change their site and policies. Just my two cents, but from looking on social media and community forums, it appears a whole lot of people feel the same as I.
Level 1
So it's not nessasary to make a PayPal account.
Level 2
This is an absolutely ridiculous response. This isn't our problem, it is yours. My card works everywhere else I try to use it. If you have no intention of addressing this issue, I have no intention of spending money in the oculus store.
Level 2
I contacted support regarding this issue, as I was not able to add a payment method. They told me to try with a different browser. I primarily use Firefox. I tried Chrome and it still didn't work. I then tried Microsoft Edge browser which NO ONE uses, and it worked using that. I said to support they should really get their act together because NO ONE uses that browser.