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Hello, My prefered way to make game purchases is via physical gift cards (scratch cards) that I buy at various stores to add funds to a virtual wallet that most virtual stores offer. So far I have been able to make use of google play cards, steam gift cards, blizzard gift cards, playstation network cards. And I know other stores that also offer this type of payment. I have nor want a credit card or to make a paypal account as they come with unwanted costs. Payment methods should be plentiful and convenient. The oculus store is the only one that does not offer a payment method that I can make use of. So would you kindly add more?
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Dear oculus/meta people,


I wanted to give some advice using this platform, 

I wanted to ask yall to look into adding an additional payment option called IDEAL. since in Holland thats basically the only thing we use. We dont use creditcards, like its not even a thing here... at all... and paypal has been being an ass and giving us an error when we try to put money on our paypal using IDEAL. So we would be buying A LOT more if we had that option. 


Just a thought. 

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(EN) Hey There! I was Wondering Why Oculus Dont have the Paysafecard methode So i was Thinking about Suggest it, so Why Should They Add Paysafecard? Because alot Of Guys Dont have a Paypal Account or a Credit Card So They Just need to Run to a Store Get them And Can buy the Game They Want!

(DE) Hey Leute! Ich habe Mir Gedacht Warum Oculus Die Zahlung Methode Paysafecard Nicht Unterstützen tut Also habe ich mir gedacht ich schlage es Vor, Also Warum Sollte Oculus Die Methode Hinzufügen? Weil Viele Leute Kein Paypal / Kredit Karte Besitzen Tuen, Also Müssten Wir Nur Zu ein laden Rennen Eine PaySafeCard Holen Und man kann sich Das Gewünschte Spiel Kaufen!

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Why cant we pay with something else other than PayPal and credit card? Especially Paysafecard should be added since it is a very common method of paying online

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I would deffinitly also like this option! hope MetaQuest Hears about this!

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Hey Meta Quest!

Maybe its an idea to add the payment method called Ideal. It is a payment method that 98% of dutch people use. i dont even know a single person with paypal or a creditcard here in the Netherlands. It would make buying games so much easier and i would have so much more fun with my Quest2! Hope you see this.



Have payment support for other payment methods like Paysafecard, so you don't have to transfer money from your Paysafecard account to your Paypal account.


There are currently only 2 Payment Methods which is Paypal and Credit-/Debitcard.

First of all not even all Debitcards are supported. People in Europe that use Maestro like myself, can't buy anything from the store. Giropay could solve this too. The lack of Payment methods compared to big stores like Steam, Epic Games or even smaller ones like Humble Bundle, causes me to not being able to buy anything.

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Hallo an alle, 

wie die meisten von euch nutze ich kein paypal und habe auch keine Kreditkarte. Warum zur Hölle ist Oculus oder besser gesagt Meta nicht in der Lage weitere Zahlungsarten anzubieten? Ich kann mir bei jedem kleinsten Online-Game Anbieter per paysafe oder Guthabenkarte alle Spiele, die dort angeboten werden, kaufen ohne meine Daten preisgeben zu müssen. Meine Oculus ist dadurch ein 500,-€ teurer Briefbeschwerer geworden. Wenn es leichter wäre bei Oculus Games zu kaufen, würden die einen weitaus größeren Umsatz machen. Ich würde die Quest dann viel öfter nutzen, aber so ? Ideal umd Klarna wären bestimmt auch gute Alternativen..... Ich hoffe hier ändert sich dadurch etwas....