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Honored Guest
Status: New Idea
My General Ideas
[Ideas To Improve Oculus Software]
1. Able To move the Icons [Oculus Home Bar] To Adjust to your liking,
2. Recent Activities [Shows your recent activities in the "Oculus Home Bar"]
3. Themes [No not Guardian themes] [STORE THEMES!]
4. Auto Game Updates [Example: Game Auto Updates when not in use, So it saves time for when you want to play a game]
5. Party Stream [Show your Party what your POV is] [Basically Like you can watch your friend play, OR EVEN WATCH YOUTUBE Together]
Stuff that Should be added

1. Discord Game support [Example: Rift Games >>> Auto Mapping to Quest Controls]
3.Bluetooth Link Support [Physically Impossible but I decided to put it here anyway] [But it would be a cool feature that way you wont get tangled in wires while playing VR]
4.Passthrough when close to objects [Basically Turns on passthrough if close to objects, And disables gameplay] [Yes I know its a bit rude to disable gameplay but I think it would be smart to have this so people dont injure themselves]
Ideas By Oculus Okaion [DistortedScxipter] [DixtortedVR]