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Status: New Idea

Continuous movement with a thumb stick is what gamers are used to. But it creates motion sickness and is not that immersive.

Teleportation helps motion sickness, but is the least immersive.

Natural locomotion would usually either require a a very large room for a roomscale experience, or a VR treadmill. Both of which most people do not have.

However, more natural locomotion has already been achieved via Steam VR tools such as VRrocker, which  allow you to walk or run on the spot to move around within an experience.


1. This is much more immersive than the previously mentioned options.

2. The amount of exercise you end up doing is very impressive

3. The body movement you exert when required to move decreases motion sickness considerably.

4. No additional trackers are required for your legs, it is purely measured via headset tracking data and the upwards and downwards movement of your head that occurs during walking/running.

I am not an engineer, but it sounds like something that could be implemented with only the Quest headset required.


1. Walking/running on the spot is not as natural as walking/running forward as normal. But it’s pretty **bleep** close.

2. Staying on the same spot whilst turning can be difficult sometimes, without moving around her room. But many people have a VR mat or similar to keep them in their safe area already.

3. A mechanic designed for stepping backwards or strafing may be desirable. Although you can always turn around to move back to where you were.

4. People may be self conscious that they look silly. However, many people using VR can already look silly.

VRrocker is my preferred option for introducing new users to VR. However, I have only been able to do this via Steam VR experience. Not that many people even know about VRrocker, however I would say it has very much changed the way I use VR.

If Meta implement this in their SDK, combined with actual legs for avatars, I believe it would be make VR more accessible and more attractive to non-gamers.

I am interested to hear your thoughts and views.