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Level 3
Status: New Idea

So this stars wars game would be like an open world PvE/PvP style game where u can explore the galaxy and meet new planets. You could choose if you wanted to be a sith, Jedi or a sith or Republic blaster, and you could make ur character look like anything u like. If u choose sith u get to choose what colour ur lightsaber and make ur own custom lightsaber and same with the Jedi. If u choose blasters u can make ur own custom blaster. The fighting style would something like blade and sorcery and the shooting would be something like onward. You could choose ur own ship and have allies to fight with u. Every time u kill an enemy u gain points and u can use those points to upgrade ur force skill, allies or ship, u can also gain a in game currency where u can purchase any piece of clothing from the movies but only for the side u choose and same with the ships.