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Status: New Idea


I like the new wrist menu, operation feels very intuitive and natural... But I am missing the possibility to trigger video recording, as possible before with the sub-menu. And I think wrist attached UI's could be utilized further, improving the intuitive touch & press experience.

Some ideas for new features:
- Add a button to the dominant wrist menu for start/stop video recording and a second one for triggering a photo. This would be useful when hand-tracking is used.
- Add some functionality to the non-dominant hand wrist menu, having a useless button feels awkward. Why not have a small system menu UI attached to the wrist, which is shown when looking at the wrist thoroughly (e.g. with some delay and with specific angle to prevent unintended display)? Would help greatly for making quick changes.
- Further menu UI's could be attached to the outside facing wrists, for e.g. an app quick start menu for the dominant and a wrist watch with the time/date/weather/etc. for the non-dominant hand.