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Status: New Idea

I could not think of a better subject to use maybe someone can suggest one.

I have had issue with my significant other being upset with me while I use the Quest 2 headset in bed.

I just want to watch shows, browse etc...


         Clicky buttons - can we make these haptic so we can turn off the haptics(vibrations) instead of being clicky.

         Squeaky triggers - I am sure there is a way to make them not squeaky.

         Creaky headset\strap - I have the elite strap with the battery and when I roll my head around and tilt my                                                        head it is very creaky

          The led power lights - can we make a toggle in the settings to turn these off please.


I know this is far in the future but it is something to think about. My significant other wants to see my eyes when I talk to her so when using passthrough and I am talking to her she says its weird.  I did see where you guys were making something that show a fake animated version of your own eyes I think that would actually work or make a screen on the outside of the headset (like an OLED that is thin and can bend to display your eyes that are being seen by cameras from inside the headset) this would not even need to be high quality but it would need to be in color.  Please add an air conditioner just for reduce moisture.  Cooling the processor down will not stop people from fogging up the lenses. Lastly add an IR light so you can use the headset at night in the dark.  I bought a light that I plug into the wall but it shines at me and not at the objects I need the headset to see, like my hands. I would like to walk into the kitchen in the middle of the night in the dark to not wake anyone with my headset still on.