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Level 2
Status: Unspecified
Please add a way via Software to fine tune the IPD. We bought 3 Oculus 2 headsets, 2 256gb and 1 64gb plus 3 Elite Straps w/Battery. We just returned all the headsets and straps because no one in our family falls into any of the three presets. We owned the Quest 1 and everything about the Quest 2 imho is better EXCEPT THE IPD adjustment. No one in my family found it comfortable in any of the 3 settings. We all had our IPD measured recently and we don't fall near any of the 3 presets. I own a Rift S and there is a software IPD adjustments that worked for me. We love the Quest 2 but due to the IPD decision, we had to return them because it was not comfortable to use. I know you wanted to reduce the price to hit a more mainstream price, but for fans of your VR headsets my family can't use it due to the IPD.
Level 4
hello, i already proposed something like that: starting you own topic about this issue only causes the votes to spread out on multiple topics and none of them will get enough votes for oculus to notice 🙂
Level 4
For me, setting #3 is NOT enough!! I need #3.5 or #4.............😭😭😭 Not to mention, the FOV is very small too!!!!!!😡😡😡😡 I swear you made these for kids, with small heads!! What were you thinking????????? Pfff, you made them smaller.... WHY, so nobody can use them?? Congrats, you made a paperweight product!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡 You need to replace ours with bigger ones, and a better IPD adjustment. And do it FREE OF CHARGE. My head and eyes hurt like **** because of you!