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Status: New Idea

I have an Oculus Go, Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest 2.  The Go is now boxed and stored for posterity.  The Rift S is a silent break out for creativity where there are now few who visit.  I can work on importing items into my Oculus Home environment.  However, there is nobody ever there to show off my creations.  


Clearly, Oculus 2 is a different platform than my Rift S. On Rift S, I can expand my hard drive on my Alienware laptop to accommodate anything and everything I create in Blender or elsewhere.  It all shows up in glorious HD 3D.


I would like to suggest bringing the Oculus Home experience to the Oculus Quest 2.  Meta could create a space that I could rent on the cloud to keep all of my _Import folder items, including home spaces, decorations, furniture and more.  Then, just as with Rift S, allow each of us to visit one another in their Oculus Home creations on their untethered headsets.  


There is Oculus Worlds, but that is not at the same level.  There is the home on Quest 2, but that is not unique to the user or shareable.  If I recall, in the early days of the Go, I was able to visit my friends' homes, which were slightly customizable and there were a few "board games" we could all play together in one home.  That eventually went away.  Bring it back even better than before.  Emulate the Rift S Home experience on the Quest headset and recreate that feeling of Meta community.