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Status: New Idea

Good morning living legends of the oculus team,

I am testing out Virtual Reality to see what the possibilities are to let people work with VR technology to bring people remotely together. I have performed an analysis and I really do think that Horizon Workrooms is an awesome product. The experience is good... Dot!

So what I would like to request is a feature that I really miss and I know a lot of people are also missing from Meta, which is the functionality to have different screens loaded into the workspace. Currently only one screen is supported, which is still good, but it would be really nice when working with several software engineers together  to have a multi screen setup configureable at monitor functionality.

Would be happy to spend time on this to get this developed / tested etc.

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Agreed!  also not to mention a higher resolution and potentially a larger physical size of the screen.  I mean this is a virtual world where imagination is the limit.  lets take advantage of that concept. 

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YES! If Horizons Workrooms can support having multiple desktops I would use it as my go-to work app 100%!

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I 100% agree here. I've played with both Workrooms and Immersed and if you were able to combine some of the functionality for both, it would be amazing.


My absolute favorite thing in Immersed is the ability to have multiple displays. If Workrooms supported multiple displays I would spend a large amount of my working time here.

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I agree with this as well.  We definitely need multiple monitor support as competitor "workrooms" applications support this.  To be competitive, this is a must.  I feel the Horizons Workroom application is clean but is lacking in the monitor support arena.

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This would be a great feature! It would make my VR workroom much more precise to my real workroom.

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I 100% agree!!  I use at least monitors daily at work and if support was added for all of them, resizing, adding more, repositioning in whatever way I need, and potentially something like creating monitors out of browser tabs or things like that....Id probably end up living in VR!


1000% agreed, but probably would need to be able to stream from the computer to your headset using link cable to keep latency as low as possible. 
This tool is amazing for mob programming in remote! 

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This is a must! I know the combination between "being focused with multiple screens" and "being collaborative and prioritizing connection" is a tricky balance to find, but I'm sure it's possible. Having multiple screens on Horizons today is number 1 reason why I don't use it more often.

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+1 to the multiple montior setup feature, at least do 2, or have a mirroring + a digital display (like Immersed).
I'm pretty confident that it's going to be rolled out in the near future.
If there's beta tester program for the Quest Pro I'd love to join.

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@v1adko So on the quest pro, I can confirm multi-monitors are working but virtual monitors are not. I have two monitors attached to my NVIDA card and both show up in the personal office when I load my computer, when I attach a "dummy plug" to my other open display adapter on my graphics card three monitors show up. If you're working from a machine that has an open HDMI or DP you can easily get a cheap "dummy plug" and see if it works.


In app there is a + for add a monitor and my headset is saying "ability to add virtual monitor in windows coming soon, but TBH more than 3 screens in Horizon workrooms doesn't feel like it would work with the layout.


Inside of a conference room or meeting room only one screen will display.


Of note, the workrooms is really buggy right now anytime I make any changes to display setup. Resolution, adding a new monitor, etc... it crashes and gives a warning banner "display settings changed, reconnect to try again"