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Status: New Idea
the Oculus Store (web browser) and Oculus desktop app has been very barebone since its launch few years ago, and I think they didn't do a good job improving it with additional features and the like. For example, there's no filter tags.
If you are an original Quest users, you cannot filter away Quest 2 titles.
You cannot filter by play area. What if you don't have room scale and you only want standing?
You cannot filter by genre. I mean you can probably type 'horror' to search in the search bar, but a genre filter is much better.
On top of these there isn't price filter (a scaling bar so you can only show the titles within your budget), early access filter, no 'recently updated titles that you have', no 'hide games you already own', no filter to search for titles that support multiplayer or single player, and no 'library' section where you can see the titles you have, and a bunch more. Will be great if we can have multiple filter tags (eg horror + multiplayer + action) too
The Oculus desktop app should also include the Quest & Quest 2 now (eg let you buy Quest titles and the features I mentioned)