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Level 3
Status: Unspecified
In short: 1) allow the desktop App to recognise all the headset that are connected to the computer 2) allow the configuration of all of them on the same computer 3) allow the selection of the active headset (the one you want to use right now) directly from the app. It would be great that the headset work like any other peripheral device and that multiple peripheral device get detected and recognise instead of having to physiquely disconnect it from the computer. Do like the audio system is doing, list all the option and the acces to the peripheral device and allow the user to select what device he want to use. It's juste infuriating to lose hours to figure out the your headset is not recognise cause there already one that is connected. If this is too hard to do, at least write it in the warning that one of the reason why the headset can't be detected is cause there another one that's already connected.