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The O Q2 has seriously changed me more than ever thought possible!! I used to play fifa, tomb raider, watch tv, do a bit of light exercise with friends. But I love active gaming, especially TOTF, I now regularly go 12 sweafy rounds with the Money Maker, do 15mins of chi tia, as well as other active games, this has had a considerable impact on my weight, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Because its not exercising it's just fun. I measure all this on the move app. But I'm flustrated that things I do outside the oculus world aren't included. We need a watch to wear all the time, that measures heart rates, calories, distance, steps etc, and feeds it all back to the move app in the oculus world. Finally a big thanks, I bought this for a bit of fun to avoid lock down boardem, but it has done so much more, I'm 40 and I'm fitter and healthy now than at any point in my 30, and I'm convince this is the future of exercise, I never pick up the cbox controller anymore unless I'm so physically tired I can't play oculus anymore.