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A week into my new headset and it’s awesome! Seriously, lockdown got my brain into some bad spots and being able to virtually hang out with friends this past week has been life changing. So, I wanna bring my dog in on the fun! Lol not like she would be wearing a headset, but I’m thinking a locator tag I could hang on her collar that my headset detects. Users could pick between a handful of dog/cat sizes and styles to customize the pet(s), and they would show up in the virtual environment! Not only would it be easier to keep track of my little Rosie (8 month old pug) while watching movies with friends in bigscreen, but they would also get to see her virtually jump on my lap and lick my face while trying to watch said movie. Especially given the circumstances of the times, I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one willing to spend a little extra to have my four legged friend in vr with me. Cheers!
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Honored Guest

Could also be useful for tagging other IRL objects - like my water bottle so I don't need to raise the headset to find it.