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Level 2
Status: Completed
It would be nice to be able to toggle Passthrough on-demand like you can with the Rift S to be able to quickly see the world around you without having to pull the headset off of your face.
Level 3
How does this work? Is the headset touch too?
Level 3
Will this be expanded upon before it moves out of experimental? It is a bit too sensitive right now. Simply adjusting the headset on my face triggers it for me sometimes. Even a sensitivity slider would be helpful.
Level 3
Thanks guys! It works brilliantly and I love the tapping to enable/disable!
Level 2
Badass feature. Thanks!
Level 3
Double-tapping works like magic. Fantastic and helpful feature. Also astonishing what the Quest can do with existing sensors and software update. Great job.
Level 2
Awesome job team, this feature is great!!
Level 3
Nice work @Jimmy I have just posted a few improvements to this in a new request. Not recentering the experience, double tap sensitivity (@ Michael Perfeito), and no more black after to much distance from play space. Please vote here
Level 2
Glad to know our thoughts are being considered. Regardless of whether or not this feature was intended in the first place, this is still a great idea. Amazing job team Oculus!
Level 2
Unfortunately, on demand passthrough does not work when Guardian is disabled.. Any thoughts on this?
Level 3

this exists. you can go into settings and turn on an option (i cant remember wich one 😕 ) and then touch the side of your headset for passthrough.