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Status: New Idea

I have to imagine there is some technical or financial reason this isn't already implemented since it is so obvious. But the biggest stumbling block to using the awesome potential of VR to get real-world things done on a computer is that you can't easily use any of the tools a computer is designed to use. Using an on-screen keyboard or joystick mouse is totally impractical for real-world work.  I often imagine how great it would be to do all the cool real-world work things the fantasy world of VR comes up with but can't actually be done practically with VR tools. I want to be able to sit at my desk with a keyboard and mouse doing my boring accounting job, but do it waving my hands around like a fool as I move one of five spreadsheets to my left and the notepad to the right all the while watching a little purple dragon chasing a tabby cat under my sofa. Sure, my mind is damaged, but the point is, anything that can be done on the computer, including the boring stuff, can be done better, faster, and more fun in VR, if only I could see my gosh-darn keyboard and mouse. Seems to me the tech is already built in with passthrough and desk/couch/guardian. Come on, make it happen, combine the two. Think of the poor little purple dragons starving for attention. Unfortunately, I suspect the only reason something so obvious has not yet been implemented is because with passthrough it was likely designed as an all or nothing display. But to that I say, shame on you designers. Shame on you for designing such a terrific ability and falling  just short of perfection. Cruel, cruel I say! 😉