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Many times when a game updates, it can break a lot of things. On some platforms, we have the option to downgrade to previous versions. On Oculus Home, we are unable to. For Example, Beat Saber's Multiplayer Mod was broken in V 13.0, but works in V12.2. On Steam, we could simply revert via the properties page, but on Oculus Home, we're stuck with the version that doesn't work.
Honored Guest
I seriously do not understand why this is not a feature yet. It is very necessary.
Honored Guest
Completely agree. This makes me not want to buy from that store again.
Honored Guest
Ran into this problem for the first time today after an update to Beat Saber. Black screen on startup, eventually getting to menu and starting a game but crashing after completing the first game. Uninstalled, deleted everything I could find relating to Beat Saber and Hyperbolic, reinstalled, still won't work. If other platforms will allow a downgrade to a previous version until bugs are fixed, why won't Oculus. As MMFQDEATH has said, it makes me want to purchase elsewhere in future.