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Level 2
please make shifting to 90 degrees possible
Level 2
I agree that a play laying down option would be great.
Level 2
May I suggest - since clearly we all want this. But there are not enough of 'us' to push this. We need to make this an Americans with Disabilities issue #ADA4VR Free people bedridden or alternatively abled to use VR. It's a perfect match.
Level 2
Wow, I never would have purchased if I knew ahead of time that the viewing screen could not be easily adjusted. I have chronic pain and need to lay in bed. My neck is killing bc I have to look down to watch apps.
Level 2
having oq2 for 3 days n since second day i miss ths option n googling "how to". very sad it doesnt work. walk the tokio, nyc, dubai 360 ,but see only sky n ceilings. please add tht option.
Level 2
This feature would be so easy to implement, even code wise. I have a back injury that prevents me from standing/sitting for prolonged periods. I can only imagine how much of an incredible experience this would give to others that are disabled.
Level 2

OMG yes please!!!!!

I have a progressive disability and in another 6 months to a year I won’t be able to use VR anymore because I can’t sit upright. Ive been using it since the DK1 because I have limited motion and it has literally been a life saver. And now I’ll have to stop having ANY life. Not even a virtual one. WHY would they not allow it?? Sure, some games won’t work well that way, but hundreds of them will. The whole point of Virtual Reality is to allow people to do things they can’t do in real reality. Do ACTUAL disabilities not apply???

Level 5

Please @Markzuckerberg add an option to readjust horizont level for bedridden people

Level 2

Please let's get this added soon!!