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Status: New Idea

Following on from the discussion here:

It was suggested that I post some of the ideas put forward - this being a summary of one of those ideas. 

The tethered home is/was far superior to the standalone home and was feature/object rich. Any future home environment would ideally build on this legacy, retaining the core features - the higher end graphics, use of environmental variables like music, motion, wind, birds etc, optional privacy settings and the like. 

As a new feature, it would be great to have a specific room or holding area where guests would appear when they visited. From a business point of view, our studio has a holding room in real life (IRL) where we can filter clients/ projects privately without them observing or us disclosing other business being conducted on site. For me, this aspect would be very appealing in VR and allow me to invite corporate clients to transition through a custom 'portal/room/landing pad' and into an app environment that I'm hosting and where we can review design related material, presentations etc...

That way, one of my (old) Rift Homes, could actually have been my VR Design Studio, with different room assignments emulating those I would have in real life. I am being literal in this suggestion - the possibilities of a multi-room environment are far greater than my use-case scenario. 

Honored Guest

That's all great and all, but can anyone tell me how to get my home back, it's been missing for a year. It was suggested once I got a meta-account I would get it back, I have not. Is it gone or do they still exist, and how do I get mine back please. wandered all over this place, and found little to no information.

Any help I would be grateful for.


Your home is gone. I think they axed it from the v49 update - something to do with discontinuing support for the older Rift model headsets. Tethered link has been rebranded Meta link or Quest Link (I forget which).

The bottom line is: Meta have removed access to our homes. The link in my post details the journey so far and this thread was to try and gather support to bring it to the attention of Meta VR developers.