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Status: New Idea

Hi, since I'm using Quest Pro controllers with Quest 2 / 3, I have spare controllers that aren't doing anything.


It would be great if the Quest OS would let me pair a 2nd set of controllers to use exclusively as IMU ankle trackers.


As part of this feature, the OS could implement the features from the SteamVR products "Natural Locomotion" and "VRocker", to allow for arm swinging + feet stomping + head movement to be converted into joystick deflection at the OS level.  This lets us move in any game by running / walking on the spot.



Even without spare controllers, this would also work nicely in slow paced games with hand tracking for interaction and walking on the spot for forwards locomotion.



I think this feature will be useful to more and more people as old controllers exit the warranty period and become unusable due to drift, or as users upgrade their headsets or buy Pro controllers.


Having this feature also creates the opportunity to sell miniature IMU ankle trackers as an accessory.