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Level 2
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It would be great to be able to pair two or more sets of controllers. I like the beat saber's handles which is also great for the Vader game and rackets based games. However, these are not good for other games like boxing or the like. Changing the handles is tedious and time consuming so it would be great to be able to buy multiple sets and have them paired, set them up with the handles you want and then switch them through the settings depending on the game you are playing.
Level 2
Seconded! Yes,please,and thank you!
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I'm hoping Oculus bring support for multiple controller pairs too. But most importantly foe me, simultaneous so you can use 4 at a time. For example 1 on each foot! Then we could inverse rig a full-body avatar!
Level 2
Yes I agree with this. I have some Glocklulus G17 adapter grips and while they are amazing, they are 3d printed and I worry about breaking them by constantly removing and reinstalling. That is to say with all tedium aside about the removal and all that. I was about to order a replacement left and right from the Oculus website if it was available but, I figured I should make sure it would be able to use both or that there was at least a simple pairing process like on Xbox. Glad I did. Thats 140 bucks I would never get back.
Level 2
I have the Glockulus adapters for 2 handed weapon games and a Gun Stock on the way. I would like a 2nd set of controllers so I can have a set permanently installed in the Glockulus Adapters and a separate set for the Gun Stock (which easily detach for use as a standard controller)!
Level 2
Thirded. I want a separate controller for each adapter device. You're missing out on a money maker here.
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Seconded! i just printed a stock, for pavlov and contractor, and i need to take of my knuckles everytime i want to use them
Level 3

I absolutely agree!!! I also own multiple accessories for immersion, and it would be great not to have to disassemble and reassemble all the time! Please let us know, when this will be possible.