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Status: New Idea

Hello reader!
It has been mentioned multiple times before, but I wanted to reiterate the idea and hopefully spark a conversation.

Now that the Quest Pro controllers are compatible with the Quest 2, can we get an update that allows users to pair multiple controllers to the headset? I really want to utilize the Pro controllers for gameplay, but I don't want the Quest 2 controllers to just collect dust- being able to use them as leg trackers would be incredibly immersive and intuitive!
Seeing as how the Quest 2 uses inside-out tracking, placing the leg trackers on the front of the user's thighs via simple straps should prove stable enough for accurate tracking while also increasing immersion tenfold.

This could also open the door to a series of first party full body trackers, using the same IR technology, on a smaller scale, to compete with other multi-point full body tracking solutions.
I imagine this has been discussed internally but would love to hear an update from a developer and see what the general consensus is.