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Status: New Idea

(Passthrough Room)
I want VR object in my real life room. I want windows, Plants, Colored walls, Posters, Game awards, Games, Pets, Desk, Bed, All of it. I want to have the room I can't have in real life and have it line up with the objects in my real room. Oh and have all of it saved. 

(Controllers Q3) When controller tracking is lost just let the hands stay where they were last and let them snap back into place when a connection is found again. Seeing my hands go down if I don't move my controller for 2 sec is annoying as heck. 

(Link cable connection) 
No matter the port or the cable I lose connection too often than not. No there is nothing in my USBC port so stop telling me I have water in it o_O No joke my head set things it's wet all the time. This is clearly a bug that needs to be fixed.

(Bad Quest support)
Reset your headset to factory setting should not be the default solution to everything. Employees who understand the software and hardware of the product should be a no brainer. 

(Side Quest) 
Just put it on the store listings.

(Thumb stick replacement or better software for drift) 
Lets not beat around the bush here, You guys use really cheap Thumb sticks for the controllers. I get its to cut costs but if you could make it easier to replace by placing the switches under the cap, That would be awesome.
OR use a program that adjusts to compensate for drift. Dead zone is just not cutting it. The N64 controller had it so this is not a new concept. 

(Understanding consumers) 
Analytics show alot of people use the Q2 and Q3 for PC VR. Though the idea is to keep people with in the head sets games, This should be something that is better utilized regardless. 

(A lister Q3 Games) 
Get more games for Q3 stand alone and get big names involved. Though Indi Devs are always awesome to see, Some of us want Capcom, Konami, Square Enix, Sega, and more.