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Status: New Idea

Hi, my idea is not a new one, basically, our avatars should have an inventory, so your avatar should be able to carry three items at a time. Such as a notead, a rubix cube, a bell etc. Just fun stuff that they can show off, give away etc. To being with these could be provided by Facebook, maybe even sold for a small amount, like one or two dollars/Euro per item.

The avatar could open their inventory at any time and use the object. I think this would be cool and would unlock a pretty sweet revenue stream for're welcome!


Here is a list of items I would like:
A notepad and pen - other people should be able to see what ou write if you show it to them:

A rubix cube - just a fun thing to do

A Bell - optional sounds

Toys - maybe nostalgic ones or themed ones





Cardboard box to hide in

Handheld gaming device

Cell phone - Maybe mirroring your real life cell phone


portal gun - you and other people can go through the portal to another world


The possibilities are endless and the more items available and the more customisation, the richer it will make the metaverse (Horizon worlds and associated ecosystem). WOuld be great if items were also persistant in supporting games!