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Status: New Idea

It would be great to have personalized folders so we can sort our library better and find things easier. Like creating folders for Seated, Standing, Fitness, Relaxation, Entertainment, Active, Puzzle, Favorites, New, whatever and families could even have individual folders for different members. Also I have several demo apps and app lab apps that are uninstalled and I don’t want to see in my library anymore and would like an option to hide them. 

Also I would like the ability to move around or even just turn around with the controller in the home environment and possibly even getting decorations like in the Rift Home. Also more choices of homes and the ability to invite friends to your home to talk. I think the Go used to have this. It was great to meet up with a friend first then play an app together or even watch Netflix or Amazon Prime Video together. Maybe even decorate the home with our own art, have small parties there with virtual cocktails similar to Altspace.VR. 

Please let us organise games into folders!!! It would be so much better to be able to have my games sorted into categories
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I would like to organize my oculus games easily. and I suddenly had gotten the idea to post on this forum for one reason, Adding library folders similar to the Playstation 4! (here's a picture.) So basically how this works is there is an option labeled "Add new folder" or "Add new library folder" Something like that. and pressing that button creates a folder to insert your games inside there, you can hold the icon of the game using the trigger and drag it into the folder to put it inside and find it easily. or add some easier way or something more simple. You can use these folders to find you're games easier, and faster. by the genre or just by sorting my favorite games! I would love this feature. Please add this! I think a lot of people would like this feature to organize favorite games, game genres, Or just to find them easier! Once again, Please add this!!


This is what i'm thinking about.This is what i'm thinking about.

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We have been waiting for this for years, I seriously cannot believe it’s not an option. I’m mkw much more careful what I buy as have no way to organise hundreds off apps and games. Also they don’t all fit on the Quest now either. I’ve been on WhatsApp to request too.  Fingers crossed something gets done soon.