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Status: New Idea

Hey there! I have purchased a Meta Quest Pro and there's a couple of improvements that would greatly improve the experience.

1. Option to remove ambient sound in Horizon Workrooms

2. Better passthrough so that I can read my keyboard's keys, or potentially even books, or screens.

3. Option for variable bitrate on each virtual monitor. It would be nice for instance if my Main screen could have better quality, less latency, etc. It could be useful for gaming or for working on animations.

4. My Macbook Pro doesn't always track really well. I think it is because the light in my room is not very bright. But I can see really well with my own eyes or with a phone camera so I don't know why the Quest Pro can't seem to see clearly.

5. I would be nice if I wasn't bound to a Desk. I want to move around my house but I can't do it easily.

6. When I take my headset off, it disconnects from Workrooms and I lose all my virtual monitors. It would be nice if it didn't disconnect unless I forcefully closed the app.

7. Having a virtual camera with my avatar for meetings. I want to use the headset for work but most teams use Microsoft Teams, Discord, Slack, etc, and so it would be nice if they could see me in those apps.


That's it!


My feelings are really mixed about the Quest Pro and Workrooms, but it's definitely getting there.


I've been programming, writing texts, watching youtube videos and using Discord and it's been