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Level 5
Status: Unspecified
I always find myself worried about where my walls would be. I'd like to know it without actually needing to get close to one. Simply add an optional, always visible, center marker to the ground. Thanks.
Level 4
Or triggered with ability to assign the button.
Level 3
I totally agree with this... I try to stay in the center of my play area, but when turning I tend to drift off to one side. Coming up on the guardian boundary is very immersion breaking as I have to look around where I am to move back to the center. A slight glowing patch in the center of the play area would help me just occasionally scoot back in that direction before I run into the boundary and have to stop whatever I'm doing for fear of smashing into my TV.
Not applicable
I agree. In Steam VR, the center marker is always on for me and I miss it painfully when I work with my Quest