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Status: Completed

I was surprised to find that very few apps work properly when lying down. To me the quest 2 seems like the perfect device for people who are bed ridden etc. 


Surely it cannot be too hard to implement a mode where your body will always stay orientated as if you were standing/sitting and then continue to track head/hands in relation to what you set?


I really would love to play some poker and other stuff while lying completed flat on back and looking at ceiling.


Please implement! πŸ™‚



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Get to the position you want to be in, look where you want your vision to be set and then hold down the Oculus button on the right controller. Hopefully this helps!

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this doesn't work for 360 videos

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That does not help unfortunately 

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This does not work.


The Oculus is setup to always have a "level" view, where the horizon inside the game is level with the real word horizon.


I'm guessing this could be changed relatively easily to allow the horizon to be adjusted based on user preferences, but it could cause dangerous disorientation if people are standing and visual level does not line up with physical level, it could also cause additional issues with motion sickness.


I really wish this was possible with Demeo. You are always forced to look down at the board, which becomes uncomfortable over time. I would like it if you could set the board up like it was hanging on a wall and keep you neck straight and eyeline level while still looking "down" on the board.

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This is possible! 
You have to grab tilt and rotate so it’s more or less on its side angle so you can recline and see without having to really look down as you manipulate the board in space. 

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We defintly need this (experimental) Feature in the settings. So many people have to ly down for their live... would be a good thing, believe me. Its missing on steamvr... but especially for mobile vr it is a must have. My girlfriend is missing me in bed and i am missing vr... enough reason to argue...

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I need this, recently hurt, can only lay down. Demeo is the only game I can tilt the board.


It's pretty ridiculous that this was a feature that a lot of people use and then they took it away. It just doesn't make sense. 


Status changed to: Completed
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Hi everyone, Meta Quest v64 is releasing today and it includes the settings for lying down for the Quest 3 (Quest 2 and Quest Pro received the capability already). 

The release takes a little time before it goes out to all headsets, but once you've got it, you can enable this feature by going to Experimental in Settings and selecting the toggle next to Use Apps While Lying Down.  

Once enabled, you can use this feature by laying down and then pressing and holding the menu button to reset your view. 


@Ryanality Went from v63 to v64 last night on my Quest 3 (no PTC) and Lying Down mode is not in experimental features.  I've seen several folks say this in the last 24 hours on YouTube, here, and Reddit.

120hz mode also disappeared.