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Status: New Idea

I have Quest2 and I play games on pc vr with link cable.

The problem is; desktop oculus app has resolution setting but no sharpness setting.

There is a sharpness setting in the virtual desktop application for wireless connection. It is quite useful.

I prefer to play games with a cable connection.
It is necessary to use the oculus debug tool application for sharpness.
But there is a problem here.
There are only three options: Auto, On, Off
Auto and On are the same thing.
When this setting is off, the images are not clear enough, they are blurry.
When this setting is on, the image becomes extremely sharp. It gets annoyingly sharp, the graphics deteriorate.
My suggestion: a sharpness bar can be added to the oculus app.
Even if there is no sensitive adjustment bar, It can also be like this;