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Status: New Idea

Hey Meta Eng Team!

Can you please bring mixed reality capture to the Quest 3?

Watching someone play Beat Saber in mixed reality on Quest 1 was the reason I and probably so many others purchased a Quest. It's such an amazing way to capture game\app usage and share on social media. It's an incredible shame that it's no longer possible to do this with Quest 3. Some of us have green screen setups that are now only usable with Quest 1 πŸ˜«

Interestingly, this was working on Quest 3 initially, but it's since been broken for Quest 3 since release 60 and I hear it also no longer works on Quest 2 either. Ironically, Quest 1 still works fine with mixed reality capture.

So maybe it's an easy fix? Maybe?? πŸ™‚

A few of us have gone deep into the problem on this thread here, if you need more information :

Again - this is an important feature. Even if it requires adb or sidequest or a little bit of duck tape and bindertwine to get working. We need more amazing Meta Quest content on social media - especially as competition is heating up.

Thank you!



Must-have for Q3


So baffling why Quest doesn't have this. I feel like I have this advanced VR headset but can't do this basic thing I see so many others doing. 

Honored Guest

I came to this forum by looking for a solution to this problem. I just got a Quest 3 and several rhythm games and I wanted to do this Mixed Reality capture to record myself in the game. WHY is this not a priority? It's crazy. Please fix this. It will let me have more fun with my family and friends and get them into VR more.