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Status: New Idea

It is very cool to express your emotions using your eyes and mouth when playing VR games. But for this experience to be satisfactory, you must be satisfied with choosing Quest Pro. The alternative to Quest Pro now is not Vive XR Elite. It is Vive Pro Eye and Pico 4Pro However, the current Quest Pro is competing with a device that has been released more than 3 years ago and a device that can be purchased for $480. In that case, the Quest Pro should at least be rated as better than the two devices. However, not supporting the functions they support even though they are possible due to the device's performance is an act that reduces the buyer's satisfaction. Currently, there are many reviews in the community that Vive Pro Eye is better than Quest Pro. As a user of Quest Pro and a fanboy who likes the meta more than anyone else, I hope it becomes a device that is more satisfying and worth considering purchasing.