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Please! include Puerto Rico (PR) as a shipping delivery (USA territory) for Oculus accessories. Thank You
Level 7
I've owned a Rift and now Rift S that I've bought from Amazon and Microsoft Store respectively, but I would be stuck if a controller broke, or the cable did since as far as I know, only the Oculus Website sells the accessories for the Rift S.

Will they eventually start shipping here, or have they commented about it already?

Level 3
Please! include Puerto Rico (PR) as a shipping delivery US territory for Oculus accessories. Thank You
Level 7
It's part of the USA but it doesn't show up on the states, why?
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Seriously, i have been wanting to buy one and i dont know where can we get one here
Level 2
Sadly and very disappointingly I've just found out the Quest 2 does not ship directly from the online Oculus store, because PR is not recognized as an ordinary USPS address, and we are, this unless you don't ship to Hawaii and Alaska. Are there any options without having to pay more than the $299 price plus applicable taxes?
Level 15
Amazon US ships many goods there using a US forward shipper but unfortunately I don't think they will ship anything with Lithium batteries in it like the Quest 2.  You probably could get a Rift S forward shipped you you though, because it does not have an internal Lithium headset battery.  Just contact Amazon US and ask them. 

You should be able to buy Oculus games ok but you will need an Oculus and Facebook account with an attached method of payment (like credit card or paypal).  Might be worth contacting Oculus support to confirm this.
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Level 1
Please ship To Puerto Rico, I need new Quest 2 controllers and I cannot purchase them because there is no shipping to PR.
Level 1
Hello friends of Oculus I am trying to order my silicone cover for Quest 2 and its platform does not include PUERTO RICO as a state or part or region of the United States. I urgently need the cover because the one that came with my 64 GB Guest 2 has already broken and I cannot use the product. I will be grateful if you solve this problem NOW.