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Status: New Idea

I understand why the pupilary distance slider is manual.

However, can you PLEASE let the device remember a list of users and pupilary distance settings, so while turning the knob, it just shows me what I'm trying to get to. I do not walk around this world remembering my pupilary distance setting, and everytime I pick up the device I have to screw around trying to remember it, which I seldom do, so I just get a bunch of extra eye strain.

Forgive my very bad mockup, but I'm talking about making the pupilary distance UI something like this below... with a way to tell the device to "remember": a setting and put a name tag on it.



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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

I love this idea! I think this would be a really great feature to implement, and would really help when you have a few people who all share the headset!