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Expert Protege
Status: New Idea

Everybody agrees that titles like RE4 VR and mods like Doom 3 VR or even the Doom VR emulator were a great idea.


The Meta VR upcoming lineup feels like it's starting to run dry of new, exciting titles. Splinter Cell VR is cancelled (was looking forward to that one), Assassin's Creed VR has been leaked with disappointing details and we still don't have a release date for GTA: SA VR (Another VR port that people agree will probably be amazing, as long as it isn't limited in scope like L.A. Noire VR.) or Bonelabs.


Please get more VR ports on the roster! The older games are always there to be ported, it's a great way to pad out your roster of games while we wait for original Triple-A titles.