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I know oculus said that due to tech difficulties there will probably be no Medium or Quill for the Quest since they need too many polygons and other brute force aspects that the humble Quest don't have. But one thing I'm surprised that noone has really done is a straight up polygon modeling app. Put down vertices. connect them to form connected triangles. Build a useable model triangle by triangle that can then be exported as a very light weight OBJ. By it's basic nature the results will be low poly (because each polygon has to be hand created) and should be able to be displayed with little effort by the Quest. Yes sure, it is nice to use nurbs and all the tricks in modern modeling kits. But if we already are dealing with limitations in hardware, why not make a modeller that would work awesomely on it. Sometimes it'd be very much enough to rough out a boxy shape while inspiration strikes, out on the go. Then save it in a cloud storage and import it on the full scale PC to do the fine work where the horsepower is present. Or even import it into apps on the quest for use as avatars and props or even architecture and vehicles. I really think there is massive potential here. 🙂