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Status: New Idea


In some occations, It would be really great with an additional way to control further head movement ( turn around/ looking behind you ) and body movement ( walk to another area ).

Example occations in reality:

  • When using the vr while traveling, while sitting.
  • While sitting in a bed or a sofa, next to your sleeping kids.
  • Especially with neck problems or being hospitalized. It is great to have VR while sitting in an hospital bed, but you cant walk or turn around/look behind you ofcourse.

Example VR situations in Oculus2:

  • Watching an 360 drone flight. Or 360 travel experience. You cant watch behind you while sitting. Its the same problem with TV app and VR Anime stories
  • You can’t play some games, because you cannot turn around/ look behind youself while sitting.
  • When I’m in the menu room area it would be great to be able to walk around in the visual area and look around, turn around and walk to windows and railings. Enjoy the view. While sitting.

Some other companies have solved this.

The head movement might be solved with an joystick function change during play or 180 degree turn with a unused button.

the movement might be solved with a classic point where you want to go, and press a jump button



Thank you for a great product.












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Honored Guest

Do any other vr applications support this yet? Fundamental gap otherwise