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Level 4
Status: Unspecified
I want a list of the unlockable items, but damned if I can find one. As well, after what seemed to be an eternity, I was blessed with new boxes yesterday. Yay! A new item. A painting. Yet another new boringly, ridiculous painting appeared. Twice. Yes, twice. Two boxes in a frikkin row! Same item! Scandalous. As always, when the cybergawds deem me worthy and bestow gifts upon thee, I close my eyes when I drop my magical gift box. It certainly adds a tingle to the drama and pathos. When I open my eyes, I'm either overjoyed or I sigh and say, "That! Again!" Usually, it's the latter. I have loads of items I'll never use. Here's a thought; let us decide if we want to accept or reject items. If you reject an item, it presents you with a new choice. Who the frig wants multiples of an item, furniture, painting or whatever that will never get used? Hands? At least I got the little fairy dude in the tree. He's so cute. I hate cute. Thankfully, I love tormenting cute. Anyway, yes, I have Googled, gargled and sacrificed the obligatory goat trying to find a list of unlockables. Nothing. Nada. Alas, it appears my simple question is yet another example of ddd4DD (devs denying data for Duncan Disorderly). This is perturbing. Why the big secret? WTF?! Why doth thou torture thee thusly Oculus? Thou hast forceth thee to flourish thy composition in a style akin to the Bard. Although, this compulsion is a merry companion when compared to thine previous ailment. OCSWQ (Obsessive compulsive Star Wars quoting). Praise be, it has been cured. "These be not the droids, thou art searching for." Good morrow to thee.