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With the arrival of Google Stadia this year and the power of the Oculus Quest it only makes sense that the two should somehow come together. You have seen the demand for more power on the quest based on how people want their PCVR games to play on it. Having a streaming service like Stadia only makes perfect sense with a console like the Quest. And if not stadia then Oculus should develop their own service. The potential is their for VR to explode. Its just a matter of companies like oculus looking at the amazing product they created and listening to their users. If you dont believe me just do a search on reddit or discord or whatever service the quest is being talked about. One more thing to note. Stadia is a game changer. It makes consoles like xbox and playstation obsolete. But not VR headsets. Especially not one like the quest and whatever the future quest iteration may come. It makes them killer hardware. Take a chance on your users and make it happen.
Level 3
Yes this would be fantastic.
Level 4
Lol! Are we in 2077. We can't even do 1080p streaming to most people and you want streaming VR with the high resoultion of Quest display and with minimal latency since latency in VR can cause motion sickness. and also imagine having to have GTX 1060s and how much such an impossible to do solution would technically cost. Just fing sideload Stadia or other Streaming services and play PC games on a big screen because you are not going to have VR game streaming any time soon. Also, there is a service called Shadow and along with Virtual Desktop and the sideloaded PCVR streaming Version of VirtualDesktop you can stream PCVR games. Shadow is the only solution available that can do this.
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This is a good idea!