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When Windows are pinned and Dash is opened up, the Dash AND pinned windows are "centered" around your current view. This messes up aligned windows in games. For example I have a window pinned in Elite Dangerous - right below my right side panel. I hit Dash while not looking dead straight and it recenters Dash AND the windows to match my orientation. This will cause the windows to be moved to an unwanted location. Please add a toggle-option to prevent recentering of DASH when opened up.
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Another implementation idea is to help with the alignment problem is to have a specific layer for experience pinned windows that can be accessed in dash simliar to some multi-desktop software. In this case maybe implement "pin to dash" and "pin to experience". Make pressing the dash button temporarily reorganise the windows in front of the user when dash is visable and move them back to the experience pinned locations when exiting dash. The act of pinning lauches the "pin to experience" workflow making the dash disappear while you are dragging the window. Dash could maintain the dash specific position anchored to the dash space while the experience pin layer is only visible in dash either by selecting "pin to experience" on a new window or pressing a button on the Dash bar or pressing a touch button.
In other words, the position of a pinned window should be absolute to its position in the playspace rather than relative to where you're standing when Home is activated.
Being able to lock a virtual window in a specific position relative to the playspace would be perfect for those seated experiences like Elite Dangerous and EVE Valkyrie.
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I came here to request this exact feature. I would call it 'Anchoring' and would suggest simply adding a new 'Anchor' button to all windows to perform this function. The 'pin' vs 'anchor' buttons would help remove confusion and help to solidify this feature. As it is, the workaround is I have to jump to the center of my room to launch dash and even then my windows get moved around slightly and over time this adds up to a lot of drift. Frankly I think this is what the app eventually 'wants' and I hope I'm not alone 😄