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I have now owned and returned around 8 Oculus Quest 2 devices, Dead pixels in screens, horizontal lines going through screens making immersion horrible and game play really bad, crackling audio. Any that had good screen quality at first soon started encountering problems after a few weeks. The strangest thing that i found was that most of the devices i purchased from Currys and Amazon already had signs of use either on the headsets such as scratches or wear and marks/damage to the inside of the boxes. Currys even opened one in front of me that was sealed and could see scratches on the headset and finger indentations inside the box. After spending hundreds of pounds on accessories and games and ££££ (RTX 3080 - Ryzen 9 5900x) on a new gaming PC especially for VR i still dont have a working headset to use. This is probably the worst experiance i have ever had with any kind of tech. I dont believe the Quest 2 is ready for actual sale to the public and should almost be thought of as a beta testing machine rather than a final product. I contacted Oculus support to find out more about quality control and they diverted me back to the retailer and would not answer any questions regarding second hand units being sent back to the retailers to be sold on, or the possibility that i am recieving refurbished units which i suspect is happening or why 8 devices over 2 months have had hardware issues. I am now stuck in a loop of trying to find a working, fault free device to pair with my accessories and games and new gaming pc. Basically this has turned into a very expensive problem. Idea release the quest when it is fully developed for public use.