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Status: New Idea

Finding out I could sideload android apps has given me so much extra value for my Quest 3. Being able to play my favorite mobile games on a huge screen that I can move anywhere and still reach out and touch like a tablet was one of the most mindblowing experiences I've had to date. There is a huge library of content that is free that you are not tapping into. The apps already run, you just need to put the app store on by default so users don't have to sideload and re-download apks everytime an app updates

It adds an entirely new layer of functionality to the headset. Need a weather app? Cool now you have dozens to pick from. Want to have a dedicated Gmail window? Cool just download the app. Want to play remote games on your PC? Just download the Steam Link app. There are thousands of examples of this and they all already work, you can do this on the Vision Pro and its a huge gamechanger for their very bare bones MR app list. Please just make it easier to access, update apps, and stop hiding them under unknown sources so we can see app icons for them please


Also if you don't want to do it because Google's 30% fee, you could also look into developing your own app store devs could port 2d apps into similar to Amazon or Samsung's android based app stores