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Level 3
Status: New Idea

Locomotion is one of the biggest problems Hand Tracking mode currently has, since hand gestures are unreliable and don't provide enough accuracy. While teleportation can somewhat work, other types of locomotion like smooth locomotion are essentially impossible.


Since the performance hit is probably too high to allow tracking both a controller and a hand at the same time (which I'd assume is the reason it's not an existing feature), my idea would be to not track the controller and to instead only listen to it's inputs, which would not require any tracking calculations. So if you were to use the left controller, you could use the thumbstick for smooth locomotion and the menu button to open/close settings while interacting with the world via the right hand directly. Using the gyrosensor data could prove to be useful for many tasks, such as allowing the choice between head-directional and controller-directional smooth locomotion.


This would also allow to bring in some vibration haptics to a Hand tracked experience.


Many Hand Tracked experiences really only require one hand to be played, including the hand interaction showcase/demo in the OculusSDK, so it would be great to utilize the other hand for more useful user inputs instead of idling for the majority of the time.