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Status: New Idea

Currently, large file transfers by cable to the Quest 2 have poor results. 

The smaller the file, the higher the likelihood it will succeed. Many people rely on this functionality. Some, like myself

rely on it for our business. If you transfer a 1-2GB files, you might be ok. Above that, and it likely will not. A 9GB file is near impossible. Often you  will get a loading bar that suddenly goes away. Often you will notice some sort of disconnection to the headset mid transfer. The loading bar will continue and even finish but no file will be transferred.  Many people get results where they try this 9 times and then suddenly it will  work. The community has tried every platform, update and cable set up and the problem persists.  It could be an connection related issue, but really the solution rests on a response from Meta in the form of an update. 

The community is furious over this issue and it is giving Meta and Quest a bad name.