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Level 3
Status: New Idea

Its just a thought but it would be cool if they came out. Say with an external device that can connect to the quest to set up a play space that is playable outside. Having some kind of thing to be able to pick up wifi better or even able to connect to cellular service.


I'm not 100% sure if the cameras on the headset would be required still if there would be external sensors...maybe put solar panels on them too, to allow charging while in the sun.


The issue of the cameras on the headset...well if there's a chance they wouldn't need to be used...maybe some type of lens cover for each little camera...maybe stickers that are safe for the cameras or like some type of sunglasses essentially...


I've played during the night time with my quest outside and using lights....but its difficult because the quest doesn't always pick up those lights....playing outside with it gives more space...feels really get that dose of fresh air while not having to worry about breaking walls lol or limited space....


Thoughts? Issues? I'd like to hear and learn more 🙂