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Status: New Idea

Ok, hear me out, the title may sound weird but it's definitely a corner of the market that meta can nail down if done right. 

My idea is as follows, Meta has very special controllers that track themselves.

Apple vision pro users use ALVR to access VR applications on their desktops wirelessly, just like we do with quest link and vrdesktop

They seem to have run into an issue of not having controllers to navigate the pcvr applications 

Meta has the solution. What they can do is allow the quest pro controllers (which already can be purchased individually) to connect to a PC and access VR runtimes without an oculus headset connected. They track themselves, and work as normal controllers. This would allow 3rd party headsets that don't come with controllers or have poor controller tracking to use meta controllers and use the oculus VR runtime and store without even owning an oculus headset. This would be a win-win-win situation for users, meta and apple. 

Obviously there would be some things to make. Such as a decentering mechanic, where you may have to teach the floor and headset position to the controllers, and a decentering button for the controllers themselves, but it's a corner of the market that meta can nail down before apple gives in and makes their own controllers. 

Meta could even make an Apple vision pro app, to be used on the Apple app store to use quest link instead of ALVR. And allow the quest pro controllers to have some sort of headset based tracking aid.